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PING PONG BALLS (best 12ct, 24ct, 60ct)

Tips To Buy The Best Ping Pong Balls

Are you interested in buying ping pong balls? Maybe you don't know which are the best ping pong balls in 2023. This article will help you to identify the best ping pong balls in 2023 and where to buy them.

best ping pong balls
Best ping pong balls

Ping Pong Balls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The ping pong balls you use can have a major effect on your game. For instance, hollow white balls are more bouncy than solid balls. They are also easier to see in the air when playing against someone in poor lighting. 

If you are playing in a 3 star competition or for any type of prize money, the type of 3 star ball you use can have an impact on how well you play. If you're not sure which one is the best ping pong ball, this article will break down the different types and grades of Ping Pong Balls available with tips to buy ping pong balls from the best online suppliers.

Ping Pong Ball Types:

Love it or hate it, you can’t say anything bad about it. Although ping pong, also known as table tennis, might be one of the most popular indoor games that have ever been in existence. With all of the popular forms of sports table tennis has always been the center of attraction for indoor sports. There are three different types of Ping Pong Balls to choose from: table tennis balls (3 Star), training balls (2-3 Star, most common), and specialty balls (1 Star). 

Table Tennis balls 3-star or better are used mainly for competitions or high-level play because they regulate how high PING PONG bounce off the ground. Training balls are used for practice to get players accustomed to seeing different types of ping pong balls during gameplay (they're also cheaper). Specialty Ping Pong Balls like glow-in-the-dark balls, rainbow colors, magnetic balls, etc., are fun for general play and a good choice if you're just starting. 

Ping Pong Balls: Solid Rubber 

Solid Rubber Ping Pong Balls are a common and popular type of ball. They are solid so they don't bounce as much and provide a "deader" bounce than hollow balls. This is good for beginners because they'll have more control over the ball and need not to worry about it bouncing out of bounds or too high in the air.

Ping Pong Balls: Hollow 

Hollow balls are the most popular ping pong balls available. They are more bouncy than solid rubber balls and easier to see in the air. For those reasons, they're a favorite among competitive players. The downside is that they can and do break more easily than solid balls. 

Ping Pong Balls: Glow IN The Dark 

The Best Ping Pong Balls for Low Light Conditions - Glowing ping pong balls are the best ping pong balls for low light conditions. If you are playing against someone with poor lighting, you'll have an easier time seeing these pong pongs. These are made of hollow plastic that is filled with neon ink to give it a glow-in-the-dark effect. They are more bouncy than solid rubber balls and also provide a better spin. 

Ping Pong Balls: Colored 

Colored table tennis balls are the most common type of ping pong ball. They are typically made of rubber or plastic, but can also be made of other materials. Colored Ping Pong Balls come in a variety of colors, whether you want them to stand out or not. The color can make it easier to keep track of your balls on the table, as well as see them more clearly when playing against someone with low lighting. 

Many people use one color for their services and another color for their return, which makes it easier for both players to know whose turn it is to hit the ball back. Colored Ping Pong Balls are also used by professional players in games like Tournament Speedball. 

The downside is that colored balls can run into problems if they're not dried after playing with them. For example, if you play three games and then store them wet, they'll become heavier and will lose some bounce quality over time. It's also important to note that plastic balls tend to lose their bounce faster than rubber balls do. Plastic balls also have a tendency to crack and break more easily than heavier ones do. 

Quality Tips for Buying the Best Balls

Buying ping pong balls can be daunting with so many different types of balls for ping pong play, it can be hard to know which ping pong ball is best for you. These are pretty much simple heads up that you can keep in mind. This might help you in terms of making it totally worth your money.

See The Ball’s Performance Rating

Most of the products in the sports ball section are graded within their class. Just as safety products have their grading as grade one (1-star) and grade two (2-stars) and grade three (3 Stars) and so on. Sports ball products also have their grading. Whenever you are purchasing a pro game ball, make sure that you have done at least a basic comparison between the products that you have available for your budget ball as it may enable you to get the best balls for what you are willing to spend. 

Original Ping Pong Ball Manufacturer Packaging

This is most important when you are purchasing game ball products in bulk. In most cases, when people are ordering bulk balls, they get packaging with minimal polythene or simple packaging which has the capability of getting damaged while being in transit. For that, make sure that the manufacturer has provided good and safe packaging along with the set of 12 table tennis balls.

Conclusion: Best Balls

Throughout this article, we discussed ping pong balls, how to choose and how to identify the best table tennis balls on the market. In most cases, getting a professional 3 star set of ping pong balls will be worth it, Because the type of 2023 performance and the 2023 material that you are going to get will be so much better than a regular set of ping pong balls. 

The 5 Best Table Tennis Balls 2023 (Tests & Reviews)

Ping-pong or table tennis is a fun, simple, and perfect game to have fun with your partner, family, or with a group of friends. And it is that you only need a table, two paddles, a plastic ball, and an imaginary line that marks the limit of the table tennis ball.

Likewise, table tennis balls are ideal for improving Table Tennis ability to concentrate, helps burn calories, stimulates coordination, and favors skills such as reflexes. In addition, many outdoor parks have tables to enjoy this sport, you just need to have the sports set for it. In this article, we have collected a selection of five sets of table tennis balls and paddles available, at affordable prices and equipped with both compact carrying cases and durable retractable nets. Discover them!

1. 3 Star 40+ LONGSHOT Table Tennis Balls 2023 TOP PICK

It is a high-performance set for playing table tennis, a semi-transparent design, and a handle. The lot is for two players and includes two ping-pong paddles with a

1.8-millimeter sponge coating for better control and power, along with three

plastic balls that guarantee high resistance.

Key Features Explained

● SUPERIOR QUALITY BALLS - For competitions or family fun, these ping

pong balls can survive any serve or backhand.

● PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Jointless ABS plastic provides consistent

bounce of the table tennis table and expert control.


contrast and vivid color for low light and outdoor situations. Ideal for

training and practice.


TABLE - You'll instantly notice the difference when playing with PRO-SPIN

professional ping pong balls.

● CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE - Play with the advantage of the

professional precision of this ping pong set: size (40+) and weight (2.7g)● 100% QUALITY GUARANTEED - Backed by the quality of our products.

You never take chances when you buy PRO-SPIN SPORTS ping pong

training balls. 

2. Xushaofa/XSF 3 Star table tennis balls

Main advantage This ping-pong ball can be bought with closed eyes thanks to its incomparable

quality. You should know that it is made with 40+ plastic of superior quality which improves its resistance while reinforcing its longevity. Faced with the absence of seams and seams on this model, some ping-pong practitioners had a hard time getting used to it. Constructed with 40+ plastic and approved by the ITTF, this 3-star ball has no seams and therefore offers a very satisfying bounce. Key Features Explained 

Ball Quality

The most efficient table tennis ball is the one that displays a superior level of play.

It incorporates ranking as the best table tennis balls for its design with manufacturing quality like this table tennis ball product that we have taken care to present to you 40+ plastic.

The latter is known for its table tennis resistance. By using plastic on this ball, the brand mainly wanted to optimize its resistance to hits and especially to wear. Therefore, it keeps longer compared to other products in its ranking. It is therefore a long-term investment because you will not need to buy for a while.

One of the advantages of acquiring this ping pong ball is that it is a ball that can be used

during competitions. Displaying superior quality, LONGSHOT balls have obtained high 3 stars which are also approved by the ITTF. This compliance should therefore reassure you about the reliability of this article.

The manufacturing process used

If you take more time to know the characteristics of this product, you will have no

more difficulty in knowing which ping-pong ball to choose. We have selected it in

this ranking because of the manufacturing technique adopted which enhances its

performance. This is why many ping pong practitioners favor this item.

Xushaofa differentiates itself from other brands with the single unit design

process, unlike conventional balls which are made with a fusion of two pieces.

Therefore, this type of ball gains durability. Also, you are going to appreciate it for

its LONGSHOT Balls extended lifespan.

When you unpack this item from its box, you will immediately be struck by the

lack of seams on the entire outer surface. The manufacturer has precisely

favored this technique to optimize the rebound of the ball and reinforce the

potential throughout the game.

Efficiency and design

It is often recommended to compare several offers before placing the order.

However, if you are looking for a ball that can guarantee more efficiency in the

game, then this article may be for you. Thanks to the plastic adopted for its

design, this ball from Xushaofa is lighter. Faced with this, it brings more

maneuverability to players.

The purchase of this product is also recommended since it displays a very

interesting quality-price ratio. Indeed, this pack contains a total of 6 ping-pong

balls. That said, when you choose this item you will have enough balls to play


The manufacturer has also taken care of the appearance of this product. You can

notice at first glance LONGSHOT Balls finishes are correctly done with a smooth effect. The

white color adopted on this Longshot ball also brings a rather classic touch. Furthermore,

the absence of joints and welds improves the performance of the ball.3. Cornilleau 340500

The Cornilleau 340500 is recommended if you are looking for an inexpensive

table tennis ball. However, you do not have to doubt the quality of this product

since it is made from ABS. Thanks to this material, this ball can withstand

intensive use. Also, it offers a long service life.

Given the characteristics of this ball, it is rather suitable for leisure and during

training. It is carefully designed to meet the demands of players with its superior

rebounding ability.

This is why high-level practitioner LONGSHOT Balls favor this model. Also, it has a lighter weight which enhances maneuverability, whatever the playing conditions. This also

allows you to transport the balls without too much constraint.

This product is also recommended, because, despite the fairly affordable cost,

the quality is quite good. It is precisely a set of 6 ping-pong balls. The latter has a

diameter of 40 mm and a neat finish demonstrating its quality. In addition, the

case containing the balls allows you to store them to avoid losing them.

Good point reliability: This ball is very popular with ping-pong players because

of its quality which results in the use of ABS. Indeed, it benefits from good

resistance to strikes while enjoying an increased lifespan.

Efficiency: The design techniques associated with the materials effectively

improve the bounce of LONGSHOT balls. In addition, it offers more ease when typing to

make the game more enjoyable.

Maneuverability: As soon as you take this ball in your hands, you will feel that it

is light. As a result, keystrokes become smoother.

Quantity: When you invest in this LONGSHOT product, you are going to receive 6 balls of 40

mm in diameter which are supplied in a case.

Negative points allowing: Many table tennis players choose this ball for its

quality, yet they notice that it yellows quite quickly.4. Sportly table tennis ping pong balls

To perform better at table tennis, you need to use quality balls like these. They

appear precisely in this comparison because of their diameter of 40 mm which is

the official size approved in this field.

This measurement allows you to gain efficiency during the game. That's not all,

because the weight of this ball is also well studied so that it adapts to both

beginners and professionals.

In terms of quality, you don't have to doubt this product. You should know that it is

a ball with 3 stars. This testifies to LONGSHOT high quality which is also felt in use. You will

just notice that it generates more power and spin when hitting. In addition, you

will benefit from a good rebound which allows you to have very precise returns.

Regarding the quantity offered, know that the lot includes 6 items. The balls

contained inside are designed with a conspicuous color. Faced with this, you will

have no trouble spotting them. Moreover, if they start to get dirty you can

maintain them very easily so that they regain their shine.

Good pointsCompliant: This is not just any LONGSHOT ping pong ball, as its design is

calculated down to the smallest detail. This is the case for its diameter of 40 mm

which is the measurement approved by the experts. The weight of the ball is also

well thought out so that it offers the expected performance.

Quality: Purchasing this product is a very good alternative since it is a 3-star ball

that is made with sturdy materials. In addition, power, rebound, and precision are

favored to increase the potential of each player.

Practicality: There is no risk that you will lose these balls since they are visible,

even from a distance. Also, they can be cleaned without constraint to find their

initial state.

Negative points are a bit noisy: While some buyers seem to be won over by

LONGSHOT Balls, others find the balls quite noisy.

5. Joola Cool table tennis ballsMost players recommend choosing the best brand of Table Tennis Balls to

make a good purchase. In this case, Joola is at the top of the list since they offer

a range of top-quality Table Tennis Balls like this one.

Made with choice materials, this ball offers the necessary resistance to ensure

prolonged use. Moreover, it is difficult to deform and retain its initial state even

after several months.

You’ll want to buy LONGSHOT Balls store for a cost effective ball appreciated since it can guarantee a good bounce. In addition, it adapts to both amateurs and ping-pong professionals thanks to its weight which is carefully proportioned.

Users also favor this ball for its power, which is felt very quickly from the first

seconds of play. Not to mention its ability to offer more precise returns.

As a reminder, these balls are particularly recommended for training because of

their technical characteristics. The lot offered by the seller contains 12 balls

delivered in a very solid box which also makes it easier to store them.

Durability: When you choose LONGSHOT Ball Store from LONGSHOT Brands, you will no longer need to

buy them regularly since they are made with materials that ensure a long

lifespan. In addition, they can withstand intensive use.

Performance: The bouncing capacity offered by these balls can satisfy you,

whatever your level. In addition, its weight is well moderated to make you enjoy a

better quality of play.

Effective: Recommended for training, LONGSHOT balls provide great power that is felt

very quickly from the start of the game. Also, you will be satisfied with the

precision of the returns.

Negative points of high sound: Although the design of this ping-pong ball

appeals to many practitioners, they complain that it is noisy.